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Locate in Turku Business Region and participate the growth!

Turku Business Region is the most dynamic cluster of business and innovation activities in Finland.

Even more international Turku Science Park area, Blue Industry Park near the Turku shipyard, the future Experience Centre in Turku Railyard and the new vision of the Turku city centre boost the future of the whole Turku Business Region.

On this website you can search available properties with Turku region. Lands available you can find here.

Get also familiar with our local business and innovation services, clusters, latest news and events on Turku Business Region website.


Nostoja kohteistamme


The co-ordination of the business and innovation services in Turku Business region is the responsibility of the regional development company Turku Science Park Ltd.

Turku Science Park Oy
Joukahaisenkatu 3-5 A, 20520 Turku